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At Action Studio, we recognise the significance of audiovisual communication. Therefore, we make every effort, from the outline of the concept to the rendering of the final material, to ensure that the content we create meets the expectations of our clients. We create professional promotional videos and advertising films – all of our products are of the highest quality.

For over a decade, we have been working with large and small brands, both in Poland and internationally. We have carried out projects in Dubai, Bahrain, Mongolia, Egypt, South Africa, and almost all countries of Western Europe).

We are well aware of the individual needs of our clients, regardless of their industry or available budget. In the course of the cooperation, we submit detailed reports on the various stages of implementation. We use our expertise in filmmaking to advise our clients, take the initiative, create
and always look for the best possible solutions. We make sure that the client gets exactly what they expect. This is confirmed by hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials.

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The highest quality of services is guaranteed by many years of experience that we gained on the most demanding projects. With Action Studio, your brand will gain professional multimedia content and stand out from the competition. With all core values and assumptions important for your brand in mind, we will create a video that will significantly contribute to your its growth!

Films and advertising spots

Concept, shots, editing and effects perfectly matched to the film’s theme and target audience. All this will make the viewers of the advertising video recognize and positively associate your brand.

Instructional videos

Employee training and internal communication are an integral part of a growing company. Clear and easy-to-understand video instruction, given in an interesting setting, is an extremely practical form of communication.

Corporate videos

Corporate image is the key to success. We know how to use a video to build it. Depending on your needs, we will create a corporate video for you in an attractive form that will appeal both to your employees and your contractors.

Event coverage

Events have a great advertising and branding potential even after they are over, so it is worth immortalizing them on professional video footage. A well-thought-out footage from a concert, festival, trade show or other event, will not only help you build a relationship with the attendees, but also send a consistent message to partners and sponsors.

2D and 3D animation

Not every story can be told based on film shots. For explaining important issues, particularly in business, animations will be the perfect tool. They will allow you to easily and clearly present processes and key issues. You will be sure that your viewer will understand even the most difficult topic.

3D model making

Our expertise covers the creation of 3D models of objects by photogrammetric technique, through the use of a semi-automated, in-house developed system for scanning objects and creating 3D models from photos (for more click here).



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